requiem, mass.

Betsy Williford's review in the  Miami HeraldMy favorite Latina rock star and critic Emma Trelles comments in the Sun-Sentinel.  Requiem is a People magazine four-star pick of the week this week.  Get your copy before I buy them all.  It's not online yet, so I can't link to it.  When it is, I will.  Requiem will be an August Indie Notable Selection.  Here's a mention in Bookcourt.  My pal Wayne Maugans has something to say at Theater Arts Network.  Tina Koening in MiamiArtZine gets personal.  And here's John Hood, who may end up as a character in one of my stories if he's not careful, in the Miami Sun PostIn the interest of fairness and full disclosure and because my Catholic self needs a taste of humble pie, I present this scathing review by the book editor in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  He runs the country's thirty-fifth best book page.  (Sorry, I couldn't help it.  But I'm sure he's trying.)  This Hoover fellow hated my darlings and my sentences.   I was so upset that I went out and wrestled the bougainvilla and cut up my arms and legs, but now I feel better and the front yard looks a little neater.  Some folks like their plots applied with trowels, I guess.  I'm thankful that other people have a more sensitive and nuanced understanding of storytelling.  From Book PageAnd here from Monroe, Louisiana.  Hoover, I learned, doesn't like blogs either, by the way.  He promises in his rant, you'll note  ". . .  to stick to the traditional standards of accuracy, proper grammar, attribution, but I'll leave out my phone number."  (Emphasis added.)  Maybe then he can see the two grammatical errors in this single sentence from his review: To which I add, "Why do we need to read 'Requiem, Mass?'"

the ballroom of romance

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The most heartbreaking story I've ever read is William Trevor's "The Ballroom of Romance."  "But someone else had got Patrick Grady, a girl from the town who'd never danced at the wayside ballroom. She'd scooped up Patrick Grady when he didn't have a chance."  The story has been made into a film and now has inspired a play which will be staged in Brockagh Lower in the very ballroom that inspired the story.

updated book tour

A Novel

The Requiem, Mass. Book Tour is around the corner.  I’ll be reading at:

·         07/15/:  **TAOS SUMMER WRITERS CONFERENCE, Taos, NM, at the Sagebrush in Conference Center at 5:30—reading and signing

·         07/22: Ft. Lauderdale   7:00 PM **BARNES AND NOBLE  2051 N Federal Hwy
-- reading and signing   

·          07/23: Coral Gables   8:00 PM **BOOKS AND BOOKS -- reading and signing  

·          07/24: South Hadley, Mass.  7:00 PM **ODYSSEY BOOKSHOP -- reading and signing 

·          07/26: Westborough, Mass.   1:00 PM **TATNUCK BOOKSELLER -- reading and signing    

·         07/29: Monroe, LA   7:00 PM **WINDOWS: A BOOKSHOP -- reading and signing   

·         07/30: Oxford, MS   5:00 PM **SQUARE BOOKS -- reading and signing 

·         07/31: Jackson, MS  5:00 PM **LEMURIA -- reading and signing   

·         08/12: Fort Lauderdale, FL 6:30 PM ** CINEMA PARADISO  -- reading and signing    

·         09/04: Fort Lauderdale, FL 2:00 PM ** MAIN LIBRARY –reading and signing

Also down the road a piece, I’ll be reading at the Louisiana Book Festival, October 3 & 4 in Baton Rouge; at The Eudora Welty Symposium in Columbus, MS, October 16 & 17; at the FIU/Hutchinson Island Writers Conference, October 22-25; at the FGCU/Sanibel Island Writers Conference, November 5-8, and at the Miami Book Fair International, November 15-16. 

mary bonina

A review of my friend Mary Bonina's poetry collection, Living Proof, in Prick of the Spindle: "Each poem reads like a miniature story, stabbing at the heart of memory and nostalgia, capturing lifetimes in a single moment or turn of phrase."  You can buy a copy here.