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FLASH!  writing the very short story


FLASH! Writing the Very Short Story by John Dufresne identifies the qualities that make for excellent flash fiction and guides would-be writers with exercises and examples through the world of the very short story. A perfect guide for any writer interested in trying this popular form.”

  — Writers’ Forum

"Whether flash fiction is new to you or you’re already a fan, whether you write it yourself or would like to try, Flash!is a fun read and a great resource."

-- Tampa Bay Times

Publisher's Weekly:  “A particularly valuable ingredient of [Dufresne's] advice is the inclusion of detailed, encouraging, and relatively unique writing prompts. . . . For established and aspiring authors alike . . . this book will be illuminating, instructive, and yes, inspiring.”

Kirkus:  “[Dufresne] provides many samples of flash fiction, including graphic ones, by a wide array of writers . . . with some sharp critical analysis, prompts, and exercises along the way. . . . [A] good place to learn how to write some really, really short [stories].”