kim bradley


Kim Bradley reading from her story "Cheating Time" at the Taos Summer Wrtiers Conference. Kim won the Leo Love Scholarship in Prose and participated in our Novel Master Class. You can read her story here in the Louisville Review. Scroll down to page 57. 


nobble writing

Here's my friend Phoebe up early working on her nobble in her snug little office. The nobble's about horses and children. Phoebe also named my Scion Horseyville and Cindy's VW Penny. Phoebe will be at the Rosemary Beach writers conference this May. Will you?

copy test

 This ad ran in the New York Times. The contact person, you'll note, was Jim Patterson, who left the firm to become James Patterson, writer, or rather publisher/creative director, given that he operates with a stable of writers all publishing under his brand.

more kids write the darndest things

Actual sentences I have read:

“The mountain glowed purple over the dyke, and she felt a twinge of homesickness.”

 “‘It doesn’t hurt,’ I lied, the aesthetic beginning to wear off.”

 “It looks like some sort of statute or monument.”

 “And at night we would boil up crap legs and dip them in hot melted butter.”

 “Your place in God’s internal kingdom.”

 “The Count of Monte Crisco.”

 “I want to laugh at the cheer insanity of the situation.”

kids write the darndest things


Actual quotes from stories I have read:

“The first thing I found was an elaborate gold silk fabric with gold and copper colored sequence all over it . . .”

 “I have been advised to mull over a last meal and chose a religious domination for my preparation and celebration into Hell.” 

 “. . . past the plastic peeling Wayne’s Coating were piles of crap . . .” (wainscotting) (and I bet there’s a Chester Drawers in that room).

 “. . . to sounds of ooh’s and awes from the bonfire . . .”

 “. . . it seems God has a lot install for this woman.” 

 “. . . I found it impossible to eve’s drop on the murmurs and whispers . . .”

 “I made eye contact with Jacques right after I saw the grotesquity of what he had just done.” 

 “The tone of the story was extremely mellow dramatic.”