the indiscernible library

Reading Philip K. Dick's essay "How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later," in which he mentions a book published by a friend titled Snakes of Hawaii, which may be this. Published, not written. There are no snakes in Hawaii (according to Dick) and no words in the book. My inner Jim Fingal kicked in. I checked that fact. Well, there are, in fact, snakes in Hawaii, at least according to this site. In fact here's a picture of the Island Blind Snake:

Still, that would be a pretty short book since this is the only established species on the islands. What I started out to say, however, was that the book reminded me of a library I have written about briefly in my novel-in-progress. Here's the passage:

When he got home, Wayne went online and updated his blog, which he called In Private and in Publix. He linked to a Borgesian website called The Indiscernible Library which, it turns out, is a collection of books that have only appeared in other books. The books were unwritten, unpublished, unread, and they cannot, of course, be checked out. And then Wayne wrote that he had not written a number of books himself, and he listed three of them: Until Nevermas; Boffo!; and Practical Gastromancy.

I thought I had seen a reference some time in my life about that library, but apparenly I made it up. Or Borges mentioned a similar insitution an dI can't recell where. There is the Library of Unwritten Books, which is actually short summaries and interviews with people about the books they would like to write--a fabilous idea. That might be where I got the notion.