signs of life in dania beach


Did we mention no fishing of any kind? And no fun? (We use hyphens whenever and wherever we feel like it. And sometimes we like to make one word into two. All spelling conventions are arbitrary.)

eat at joe's


Sign outside Joe's Corner Pub in Panama City where the chicken wings are fabulous, the tattooed woman playing pool knows the lyrics to every song on the juke box, and you can cut the smoke with a butter knife. What is Joe trying to tell us here? 

you say refrigerator, i say . . .

Signs of life in Dania Beach. On our wonderful Publix bulletin board. Before the word refrigerator, there was the word refrigeratory, "an appliance used for cooling or freezing," as in: "The refrigeratory is working and no damage to the cargo is anticipated." Times, Sept. 10, 1906.