leaving a trail of genius

I found this just now among my piles of little notepads. I had taken up Marriott's invitation to create, apparently. Entry 1: "crispate" crispate from Latin crispatus, past participle of crispare to curl, from crispus curly; crispated from Latin crispatus + English -ed: having a crisped appearance : irregularly curled or crinkled. Nice word that I don't think I've used yet. Entry 2: "describe the statue of L" I wondered why I wanted to do that and then remembered that in the novel I'm working on the Statue of Liberty walks into a bar: Just then the Statue of Liberty walked into the bar, shook the ash from his drape and gown, brushed a mantle of white ash from his shoulders, and stomped his feet. And so on. Entry 3: "depredate" Late Latin depraedatus, past participle of depraedari, from Latin de- + praedari to plunder --transitive verb : to lay waste : prey upon: plunder, pillage, despoil <depredating the surrounding countryside>intransitive verb : to make depredations. Look for this word in the novel. Something bad guys do. Entries 4 & 5: must have something to do with that evening in the bar with Statue of Liberty who is drinking Jack and Pepsi.