My back has been killing me. Sitting too long on a miserable chair at my desk, slouching in my seat. My chiropractor's not returning my calls. So I bought a new chair at Office Max. While I was putting it together--actually while I was taking out the 1 1/4 inch bolts I erroneously installed (because I don't read drections) and screwing in the 1 inch bolts, I saw this tag on the bottom of the seat:


Then I looked up where my chair was made. Here's what I learned: Chang’an is located in the Pearl River estuary and in the South tip of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Chang’an has the title “place leaning on mountains and adjoining rivers with dragon (Shekou) on the left and tiger (Humen) on the right sitting on the lotus.” I feel better about my chair already. Chang'an holds these titles of honor: "Homeland of China's Folk Art," "Homeland of National Dragon-Lion Sports," "Homeland of National Juvenile Gymnastics," "Homeland of China's Handwriting," and "Model Town of Culture Construction of Dongguan."