it's like boom

So, for me, it really is KSW, and it’s just like,

it’s something that, uh, I don’t mince words with that.

And I won’t hesitate to put ethics in someone else,

because I put it ruthlessly in myself. And I think that

I…uh…I respect that, you know, in others. And, you know,

I’m there to help, and we’re here to help, and my opinion is

is that, look, either you’re on board or you’re not on board.

And uh, they said, “So, have you been an SP?” 

I looked at them and I thought, “What a beautiful thing,”

because maybe one day it will be like that, you know?

You know what I’m saying.

Maybe one day it will be that “Wow, SP,

they just read about those in the history books.” You know? 

it’s not how to run from an SP. It’s how to shatter suppression,

confront and shatter suppression. You apply it, and it’s like, boom.

--Tom Cruise

KSW: Keep Scientology Working

SP: Suppressive Person