Today's short story waiting to be written comes to us via Craigslist: "I am looking for a trucker who I dated last year. I broke up with him because my 6 yr old and I were real sick and we got him sick too. He was admitted into a hospital while he was in the middle of a transporting something in new mexico I think. After he got out he wanted to come by to help me while we were still sick. I broke up with him so we would'nt infect him again with klebsiella. It took us about 4 more months to find the right doctor to give us the right medicine, anyway I was going to explain to him my actions as soon as we got better but I lost his number and cant find his house. I remember meeting him at of twenty four fourty nine and 0ne fifty six corner at that closed coffee house. I followed him for about 5 mins maybe 10 at most. We pulled into a housing track of newer houses and then in the back there was a dirt road with some very old houses. He lived there with his teenage son and an aunt or sister. If you can get me there please contact me." Klebsiella, by the way, is a nasty bacterium. (thanks to Joe in Cheese)