special needs

An e-mail from a mom with a special needs child:

Sarah Palin, outlining her goals as VP said today:

Palin, who has a four-month-old son with Down Syndrome, said she would ensure government is on the side of families with special needs children.

She has not earned the right to speak for us...sorry. Her party has never been on our side, has fought to do away with special education entitlements, cut everything, every needed therapy, every hour of respite we needed.... fought ADA, the Civil Rights movement that bars discrimination against those with disabilities. Four months into the role, she is not only not vetted to speak for us, she is not even there for her baby now, participating in the early therapies, early start programs that so many of us fought for, gave up our lives, our careers to insure..We fought and won those rights, championed proven early intervention programs that Republicans fought and have tried to cut for as long as I've been a parent of special needs child....

and that would be 34 years last July, folks.