predator in the classroom

Trouble in Loboland. Lisa D. Chavez, tenured prof at UNM posts S&M photos of her and her student on sex website. At most universities that sort of unethical behavior would result in censure at the very least. But not at UNM where, like administrators everywhere, the President, the Arts & Sciences Dean, and the English Chair were only interested in covering their asses. Chavez continues to teach. Joy Harjo resigned from the university in protest. Sharon Oard Warner resigned as chair of the Creative Writing Program. Be glad that you don't have to work with a sadmoasochistic sleaze or her administrative protectors and be happy that your children are not in a classroom being subjected to her venom. Chavez, like any good sociopath, blames the world:  "Frankly, I’m a victim of other people imposing their morality on me." One of the country's foremost MFA programs is now circling the drain thanks to the suits who stand by and do nothing.