our cab driver

Cindy, Karen, Tom, and I were off to supper on Friday night in the pouring rain.  Headed from the Hilton to Plataforma Churraascaria on 49th.  We hailed a cab in the pouring rain.  I sat up front.  I like to talk, having been a cab driver myself.  Our driver was frm Egypt, and We talked about how much he missed it and was planning an cabbie.jpgeight-week trip this summer.  He told me he was busy getting ready for a movie being made about him and for a reality TV show.  I said you'll be able to quit driving.  He said, no the show will be filmed in his cab.  So I got the details.  A while ago he was driving a woman across town and her her weeping in the back.  He joked to cheer her up but she wouldn't stop. Finally, he said, 'You must stop!  I am a Muslim and if you continue to try I will have to not charge you for the ride.'  And she stopped and they exchanged cards.  A couple of moths later, our hero, Ahmed Ibrahim was driving a wealthy gentleman who said he was ready to settle down with a wife.  Ahmed called the woman, arranged the date, and after a brief courtship, the two got married in his cab, which was festooned with lights and favors.  That made the news.  He said he got thirty-eight phone calls the next day from people wanting mates.  And now he's the Matchmaking Cab Driver of Manhattan.  He showed us the clips from the Today Show, Letterman, from the Wall Street Journal.  He told us he was waiting on a call from his agent at William Morris!