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Scott Rothstein and John McCain

(no guilt by association implied)

From the transcript of the deposition of Scott Rothstein via Bob Norman's blog:


Q Let me ask you about Melissa Lewis. Melissa

Lewis was a lawyer in your firm, right?

A Yes, ma'am.

Q And at some point you were sleeping with her?

A When she was a student of mine, yes.

Q She was Debra Villegas' best friend, right?

A She was.

Q The same Debra Villegas that would do just

about anything for you if you asked her?

A Yes. We already discussed that.

Q The same Debra Villegas that knew about your

crimes or some of them and who participated in them with


A That's correct.

Q At some point Debra Villegas' best friend and

then your former lover was murdered?

A That's correct. She was.

Q She was murdered because she knew too much,


A Excuse me? Are you attempting to insinuate

that I had something to do with that poor girl's death?

Have you lost your mind?

Q You would deny that?

A I would deny it?

You're disgusting. Everyone knows that I

wasn't involved in it. That's disgusting.


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