ray bradbury

Author Ray Bradbury has died at 91.



Poor world that does not know its doom, the day I die.

Two hundred million pass within my hour of passing,

I take this continent with me into the grave.

They are most brave, all innocent, and do not know

That if I sink then they are next to go.

So in the hour of death they Good Times cheer

While I, mad egotist, ring in their Bad New Year.

The lands beyond my land are vast and bright,

Yet I with one sure hand put out their light.

I snuff Alaska, doubt Sun King’s France, slit Britain’s throat,

Promote old Mother Russia out of mind with one fell blink,

Shove China off a marble quarry brink,

Knock far Australia down and place its stone,

Kick Japan in my stride. Greece? Quickly flown.

I’ll make it fly and fall, as will green Eire,

Turn in my sweating dream, I’ll Spain despair,

Shoot Goya’s children dead, rack Sweden’s sons,

Crack flowers and farms and towns with sunset guns.

When my heart stops, the great Ra drowns in sleep,

I bury all the stars in Cosmic Deep.

So, listen, world, be warned, know honest dread.

When I grow sick, that day your blood is dead.

Behave yourself, I’ll stick and let you live.

But misbehave, I’ll take what now I give.

That is the end and all. Your flags are furled…

If I am shot and dropped? So ends your world.

Ray Bradbury