johnny dufresne's blue christmas


"She drives home with her fake Ray-Bans on and the radio blasting. Power 96! Amy Winehouse or someone like that. This s Saturday, Christmas Eve, in South Florida, and, still, you could just die from the heat. At the light on Federal by the high school, she changes the station to oldies. The Stones' 'Miss You.' She csranks the volume up to twenty-nine. She sees a woman outside the Dixiewood Motel, wearing snug red shorts, a Santa T-shirt that says HO! HO! HO!, polester antlers, and Rudolph nose that lights up whenever a car appraoches."

"A Wild Night and a New Road"

John Dufresne is the author of four novels, two collections of stories, two books on writing fiction, two screenplays, and a play. He edited the anthology Blue Christmas. And he is I.

We had a great SRO Blue Christmas party at Books & Books in Coral Gables. Blue mojitos, a blue Christmas cake, and readings by Lynne Barrett, Diana Abu-Jaber, Robert Goolrick, and Les Standiford.

Lynne and Jon Clinch and Colin Channer and Ann Hood and I will all be at Newtonville Books this Thursday at 7 P.M. if you can make it.  And if you can't, you can buy the books here.