"Iowa is the thirtieth state in population, the twenty-third in land area, and 90 percent of that land is under cultivation.  It's first in pork production, first in corn production, and second in soybean production.  It's the eleventh smartest state.  And here are the top ten fun things to do in Iowa: 10. View the Herbert Hoover birth cottage in West Branch.  9. Eat as much as you want for free at Pancake Day in Centerville.  8. See the country's largest collection of cotton balls in Waverly.  7. Visit the National Rotisserie Chicken Museum in Sigourney.  6. Attend the Donna Reed Festival in Denison.  5. Tour the American Eraser Factory in Des Moines and receive an eraser in the shape of Iowa.  4. Participate in National Tractor Safety Day, statewide.  3. Visit the Nail Clipper Shrine in Cascade.  2. Play mini-golf at the largest mini-golf course in the world in Dubuque. 1. Visit the Iowa 80 Truck Stop and order a Chubby Burger-two-and-a-half pounds of meat!" --from "Squeeze the Feeling"