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An Arizona family suffers. Football fan takes his picture in a mirror, goes for his shotgun. Tanning parlor owner doesn't wait for the skin cancer to take him down. Here in Broward County we're still finding uncounted ballots. When the rich can no longer buy elections, we no longer have a democracy. Maybe you also got the e-mail from Broward County's Spirit Airlines letting you know that Romney won. Ole Miss students take to the streets. 

election 2012

Not only does Nate Silver have Barack extending his lead . . .

So do the world's bookmakers . . .



Put the champagne on ice!

(thanks to Peter on North Captiva)

obama widens lead

President Obama is now better than a 4-in-5 favorite to win the Electoral College, according to the FiveThirtyEight forecast. His chances of winning it increased to 83.7 percent on Friday, his highest figure since the Denver debate and improved from 80.8 percent on Thursday.