orbison redux

I have a character, of sorts, named Orbison in my upcoming novel.  Here's a paragraph where we and Deluxe the cat meet him:

While we busied and entertained ourselves all week, Deluxe befriended the lovely Orbison, an elegant and vainglorious red and blue Siamese fighting fish who lived on the coffee table in a heated ten-gallon tank with a porcelain srequiem-mass.jpgponge diver.  Deluxe was fascinated with this exquisite creature who seemed to defy gravity.  And Orbison seemed quite taken with Deluxe and his attention.  Whenever Deluxe hopped up onto the coffee table, Orbison swam in enthusiastic circles, rippled his long and flowing fins, and then nosed up to the glass and primped himself for Deluxe.  He might blow a bubble, execute a graceful turn, or fan his pectorals.  Deluxe spoke to Orbison in muted, sweet meows and chirrs.  When Deluxe left the table, Orbison retreated behind the frond of plastic kelp.  He seemed to deflate.  He’d sink to the bottom of the tank and lie there listlessly by the treasure chest.  There were times I saw him slam his head against the glass.  If Deluxe were gone too long, Orbison punished him by swimming to the opposite side of the tank and keeping as far from the circling and apologetic cat as he could until he felt that Deluxe had been punished enough.