As I Lie: Plotting

A partial glossary of terms associated with plot. Found in the late Shuffles Marquis’ book As I Lie: Plotting, which is, alas, long out of print and almost impossible to locate. I was fortunate enough to find a signed first edition in my uncle Butch’s safe deposit box after he died (bathtub/hair dryer). Butch and Shuffles had been close.



aplothecary noun, one who provides literary assistance when a plot is ailing; book doctor


chamber-plot, noun, a bit of low comedy, a bedroom farce


coffee-plot, noun, a story set in the milieu of café society


crockplot, noun, a cock and bull story


implotent adjective, unable to rise to a plot


jackplot, noun, a story concerning gambling, often set in Monte Carlo


pleniplotentiary adjective, invested with the full power of plot


plotability noun, the ability to drink in the plot


plotable adjective, suitable for a plot


plotagerie noun, (rare) a collection of plots


plotamography noun, a graphic design of a plot


plotamologist noun, one who studies and analyzes plots


plotamology a branch of literary science that deals with plotss


plotamophilous adjective, plot-loving


plotarite, noun, the naturally occurring material used to fashion plots, as in “Your Uncle Ray’s drinking problem is all the plotarite you need.”


plotash , noun, that which is cut from the plot in revision and discarded or burned


plotashery noun, revision (see plotash)


plotass noun, someone stupid when it comes to plot


plotassium noun, anything that is poisonous to your plot


plotato head noun, (slang) a person obsessed with plot to the exclusion of character and theme


plotatory adjective, of or related to plot


plot-au-feu noun, a large traditional French plot


plotawatami noun, a plot specifically concerning a North American Indian people of the Great Lakes


plot-bellied adjective, a plot that is thick in the middle


plotboiler noun, any book heavy on plot


plot-bound adjective, a story in which there is no room for further character growth


plotch noun, a spot, a blotch, a blemish on your plot


plotcock noun, a devilish element in your divine plot


plot de chambre noun, where French writers dispose of their plotash


plot du jour noun, today’s featured plot


ploteau noun, an elevated but flat plot, one that does not rise to a climax


ploteen noun, a drink favored by Irish writers when fashioning stories


plotency noun, the ability to achieve climax in a plot


plot-et-fleur noun, a decorative plot set in a florist shop


plotform noun, a stage on which your characters act out their struggles


plothead noun, an habitual user of plot


plotinize verb, to wax philosophical in your plot


plotless adjective, characteristic of an immoral story


plotemkin village noun, the unpleasant result when you only concern yourself with the façade of your fictional setting


plotentate noun, a prince of plot


plotential noun, having the capacity to develop into a plot


ploteresque adjective, relating to or being a 16th century Spanish style of plot, distinguished by a wealth and richness of ornamentation


plotform noun, a stage on which theatrical performers, or other persons show themselves to an reader


plotful adjective, thick with plot


plothanger noun, a bit of gossip on which one hangs a plot


plothead noun, a reader who inhales plots


plothole noun, a hollow spot in your story; a defect


plotitude noun, 1. a plot that is flat, dull, trite, or weak; commonplace; 2. a cool, cocky, defiant, or arrogant plot


plotling, noun, a minor character


plot liquor noun, see plottie and ploteen


plotluck noun, the luck or chance of succeeding events in a story


plotmeal adverb, a plot constructed piece by piece


plotment noun, a portion of your plot


plotomania noun, a morbid craving for plot


plotometer noun, a bit of quackery: a device once sold to novice writers which promised to measure the effectiveness of plots


plotoon noun, a story featuring a small body of foot soldiers


plotorious, adjective, of or relating to plot


plot roast noun, a story that simmers for a long time before it’s done


plotsticker, noun, moments in the writing when the action stalls


plot-shotten adjective, intoxicated by plot (see plotzed)


plottable noun, a story capable of being plotted


plottage noun, (pejorative) excessive plotting, as in a mess of plottage, not to be confused with a mess of pottage from the excessively cooked stew of that name and meaning something valueless


plottee noun, the central character, he or she who is the subject of the plot


plottery noun, the business of writing a plot


plottie noun, a bracing beverage favored by fiction writers and other plotters


plottocrat noun, a member of the plottocracy, most often a creative writing professor who derives power from publication


plotty adjective, pertaining to a story with lots of plot (see plottage)


plot-valiance noun, boldness in the construction of plot induced by ploteen (q.v.)


plotwise adjective, smart when it comes to plot


plotz intransitive verb, an explosion of joy at the success of your plot, as in “When I finish my novel, I’ll plotz.”


plotzed adjective, drunk with story

                 Butch and Shuffles 

                 Butch and Shuffles