epidemical vanities

The title of William Prynne's book, published in 1628, as a poem:


The Unlovelinesse, of Love-lockes,

Or, A Summarie Discourse, Prooving,

the Wearing, and Nourishing of a Locke,

Or Love-locke, to be Altogether Unseemely,

and Unlawfull Unto Christians: ‪In which

There are Likewise Some Passages Collected

Out of Fathers, Councells, and Sundry Authors,

and Historians, Against Face-painting, the Wearing

of Supposititious, Poudred, Frizled,

Or Extraordinary Long Haire,

the Inordinate Affectation of Corporall Beautie,

and Womens Mannish, Unnaturall, Impudent,

and Unchristian Cutting of Their Haire,

the Epidemicall Vanities, and Vices of Our Age