kids write the darndest things


Actual quotes from stories I have read:

“The first thing I found was an elaborate gold silk fabric with gold and copper colored sequence all over it . . .”

 “I have been advised to mull over a last meal and chose a religious domination for my preparation and celebration into Hell.” 

 “. . . past the plastic peeling Wayne’s Coating were piles of crap . . .” (wainscotting) (and I bet there’s a Chester Drawers in that room).

 “. . . to sounds of ooh’s and awes from the bonfire . . .”

 “. . . it seems God has a lot install for this woman.” 

 “. . . I found it impossible to eve’s drop on the murmurs and whispers . . .”

 “I made eye contact with Jacques right after I saw the grotesquity of what he had just done.” 

 “The tone of the story was extremely mellow dramatic.”