author behaving badly


Roberta Silman wrote a so-so review of Alice Hoffman's new novel for the Boston Globe, which included the following: "But this new novel lacks the spark of the earlier work. Its vision, characters, and even the prose seem tired. Too much of it is told rather than shown . . ." Twitter critter Hoffman, who has, we might guess, a laughably inflated sense of her literary worth, then went ballistic with her infantile tweets. She called Silman a "moron" and published the reviewer's phone numer, so irate fans could express their hostility in person. You can read some of the insane tweets here at Gawker. Her Twitter page has since been erased. In her "apology," which you can read here at MobyLives, she says she didn't want to hurt anyone, but she also did not apologize to Ms Silman.