socialism for the rich; capitalism for the poor

John “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should" McCain knew enough to get in on the ground floor of screwing Americans out of their homes and their futures.

"Charles Keating was John McCain's pal. They met in 1981 and Keating dumped $112,000 in the McCain campaign bank accounts between '82 and '87. A year before McCain met with the FHLBB regulators, his wife Cindy and her father, according to newspaper reports at the time, invested about $360,000 in one of Keating's shopping centers. The Arizona Republic reported McCain and his wife and their babysitter took nine trips on Keating's private jet to the Bahamas to stay at the S&L liar's decadent Cat Cay resort. The senator didn't pay Keating back for the plane rides until years later when he was under investigation."  Read more from James Moore here. (Thanks to Garry in Plantation)