found story, day two

I did not find the photograph of Keysha and our incarcerated correspondant, but I did find the envelope!  Pito's real name is Prince Bingham, and he is an inmate at the Watertown Correctional Facility in New York. I Googled his name and found two Prince B's in trouble with the law.  The first Prince was arrested in Hanover, Jamaica, for throwing stones at his neighbor's house.  He pled guilty, but explained in court: "Mi and har don't talk and she always a see mi and a throw har word. I was going to a show wit a friend dat day and she si mi an call out to mi and den she throw some substance out of a chimney and sey: 'teck day bway." I get ignorant and I throw a stone and it bounce, snd through di winda balde neva screw up it slide out, Your Honour. Your Honour, I decide to fix it back."

As much as I'd like to believe he was our Prince, I think it's more likely that the Bronx Prince arrested outside Rochester, New York, is our man.  He was caught buying video game systems with fake credit cards and bogus drivers licenses. One of the stores he robbed was in Irondiquoit, where Cindy's from.  Anyway, Prince pled guilty and testified against his accomplice, which may explain his jailhouse anxieties.  he's twenty-eight, which seems a little young for all his ailments.