iowa caucus


From our gal Laura in Ames: 

In precinct #22, Ames, IA: Of 228 voters: Obama, 5 delegates; Edwards, 3; Richardson, 2. Hillary wasn't viable in this precinct: Thirty-five supporters were required for viability, and she started with 26, then ended with 30.

Iowa now has a Democratic legislature (as well as another Democratic governor). Last spring its members passed a bill that called for LGBT civil rights protection (including the "T" for gender identity). In Iowa. The corn/hog/soybean state that proudly features deep-fat-fried Twinkies at its annual state fair, always held in August, one of the two hottest and most humid months of the year. Anything deep-fat fried is the cuisine of choice at the fair, regardless of the heat index, which can reach 100 degrees or higher that time of year. 

Opponents of the civil rights bill argued that it would pave the way for gay marriage. One gay couple from Ames was legally married last summer. A state court ruling will determine whether more gay marriages will be allowed.